Jupiter Conjunct the Sun - The Self-Expansion Transit - by Kathy Rose

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by Kathy Rose

"Life finds its purpose and fulfillment in the expansion of happiness."
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

We don’t know if the developer of Transcendental Meditation was inspired by the Jupiter–Sun cycle in sharing that pearl of wisdom, but the Maharishi’s insight certainly aligns with the energy of this astrological configuration.

Life does feel more purposeful when we are in a period of personal expansion. In such a dynamic phase of development, we enjoy an exhilarating sense of fulfillment and happiness. The force of growth is incredibly exciting and uplifting. During an energized cycle of forward momentum, we are moved off our secure plateau of comfort, and we understand that we can have more in life.

This signature call to have, be, and do more — trumpeted loud and clear — is the distinct signal we receive when we experience a Jupiter transit. And the most eagerly anticipated cycle of all is when the giant planet conjoins our natal Sun!

In the traditional view, the fifth planet often carries the promise of goodness and abundant reward — an easy time, exceptional luck, good fortune, and spectacular serendipity. In a world where enormous value is placed on fame, fortune, wealth, and material splendor, a Jupiter transit is seen as a sensational event, a prized occurrence with certain assurances.

Predictions for a positive outcome abound with the largest planet in the solar system, and when linked to the transit to the Sun, the dynamic duo indeed glorifies the ego. The outer experience for the Jupiter–Sun cycle is particularly heralded and hyped, primarily because "more" conveys a sense of status. In the opinion of many, Jupiter carries a special branding that allows for easy, exaggerated marketing!

However, there is a much deeper and more complex side to the Jupiter– Sun transit — one that goes beyond the simple, often superficial promotion of abundance and prosperity. The inner process that’s activated when our Sun is bathed in the expansive beams radiated from Jupiter relates to personal development and awareness of life purpose. It’s this intricate inner process that holds the key to understanding the extensive, more significant meaning of this self-expansion transit.

Contraction and Expansion

I am personally filled with a light attitude as I write about the expansive energy of Jupiter–Sun cycles, because the big planet is now transiting my Sun sign. I can honestly say that I am especially looking forward to the Jupiter vibration, since I’ve been slogging through a prolonged, very serious Saturn period. For the past three years, Saturn has been my constant companion as it made consecutive contact to four of my planets by conjunction. Like many others enduring this heavy phase, I’ve been in a powerful cycle of contraction and hard work.

There is a much deeper and more complex side to the Jupiter–Sun transit, which goes beyond the simple, often superficial promotion of abundance and prosperity.

It’s not that I have a problem with the structured and disciplined energy of Saturn — it’s just that I am ready for a new houseguest. The idea of a visit from an enthusiastic and inspiring "motivational speaker" planet seems absolutely delightful to me. It’s time for the Saturn drill sergeant to go whip someone else’s life into shape … and for Jupiter to move in!

So, I’m doing my happy dance, because I know it’s time for expansion. And even though my Sun is in the very last degree of Scorpio — and I will have to wait awhile until there is exact contact — I began to experience a shift in my frame of mind the instant the big planet changed signs. The palpable positivity stimulated by Jupiter’s arrival has already triggered a wonderful lift in my attitude.

I Feel Good!

The signature feeling that is most common when transiting Jupiter conjoins the Sun is generally one that’s positive and optimistic. In fact, there is a song that always comes to mind when I think of the Jupiter–Sun transit, a classic that resonates perfectly with the happy vibe offered during this expansive cycle: "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown.

Let me suggest that you pause from reading for a moment and go to your phone or computer to type the name of this song into your favorite search engine. Find the tune and turn it on — play it loud and sing along if you’re so inclined. Absorb the Jupiter wavelength. Let the very cells of your body be filled with this happy frequency.

Are you smiling? Do you feel good now? If so, you’re getting the sense of the energy that a Jupiter transit offers, particularly when it is in conjunction with the Sun.

James Brown’s upbeat and delightfully infectious song is a great example of how Jupiter energy can be actively experienced, because it is highly charged with the message of personal positivity. It’s no wonder that I relate to Brown’s hit as the theme song for the Jupiter–Sun transit: He recorded it in September 1964 — amazingly, just three months after he had the one and only exact Jupiter conjunction with his 12° Taurus Sun that year.1 James Brown was experiencing the very transit that I’ve used for so many years to illustrate the signature frequency of Jupiter conjunct the Sun.

A Humanistic View of the Jupiter–Sun Cycle

In viewing the Jupiter–Sun cycle through the lens of humanistic astrology, an important consideration is to reflect first upon what it offers in terms of personal development — or soul growth — rather than only latching onto the promise of positive and lucky events. At the core of the humanistic approach is the understanding that what is most important about a transit cycle is the potential for purposeful psychological and spiritual expansion. The primary focus is to consider the inner process, rather than just "what will happen?" in the outer world.

The Jupiter–Sun transit signals an opportunity for confidence and self-love to broaden and deepen. Expansion will be particularly centered in our ego and identity development, offering growth that can assist us in achieving our life purposes. We look to the house in which the Sun is located in our horoscope — as well as the house where we find Leo on the cusp — to help us understand additional dimensions of how and where in life we may expand during the cycle.

Our Sun sign points the way to where we have chosen to experience specific life lessons in this incarnation. We must appreciate the potential for deep soul growth that is ultimately related to an increase in self-love during this cycle.

Pushing Past Boundaries

The motivating force from the giant planet pushes us to seek a new level in life and asks us to step outside the boundaries of what is currently familiar and safe. Jupiter energy offers the vision that there may be something better, and — in keeping with the dimensions of the planet itself — a restless desire to become larger flows through us.

Quite often, though, uncertainty arises when we consider purposefully expanding out into the world. Moving beyond our comfort zone of experience requires trust and belief in our inherent inner abilities. So, as we begin our quest into an expanded version of our self, Jupiter magnanimously offers supportive enthusiasm that adds fuel to the ego and helps us to face doubt or fear that may hold us back from the adventure of a new experience. The optimism from Jupiter invites, even incites, us to explore the world with open arms.

Similar to the amazing rush of endorphins after a great workout, the positive Jupiter vibes flood the nervous system with confidence. This is part of what the powerful Jupiter–Sun cycle is really trying to teach us: that in order to grow, we must make a decision to believe in ourselves enough to risk exposing our vulnerabilities. If we open our doors to the optimistic self-support from this powerful transit, the "I Feel Good" energy will assist us in taking the necessary risks that will help us to achieve a new level.

The Jupiter–Sun transit signals an opportunity for confidence and self-love to broaden and deepen.

Let’s explore the schedule of rhythmic expansion from Jupiter contacts.

The 12-Year Jupiter–Sun Cycle

Jupiter spends about one year in each sign and completes a transit through the entire zodiac in approximately 12 years. When the giant planet activates our Sun sign, a new cycle of "self" begins. Upon returning to the position of the natal Sun 12 years later, the cycle completes on some level, and a new gateway for growth opens up. Every conjunction of Jupiter with the natal Sun builds on the learning and advancement accumulated in the prior cycle — like a three-dimensional spiral — with continuous upward motion.

The wave of self-development that begins at the conjunction will be advanced by quadrature every three years or so, as Jupiter makes contact to the Sun by square and opposition, helping to continue the theme of personal growth. If we examine the inner discovery and ego advancement that take place during the Jupiter–Sun transits, we are guided to appreciate the amazing ongoing wave of development that the sequence of fourth-harmonic aspects offers in the 12-year cycle.

It is my opinion that the entire 12-year cycle should be considered. The process that begins at the conjunction is advanced through the opening square, the opposition, and then the closing square, and ideally these phases should be seen as connected, rather than separate from each other. The fascinating theme of personal growth can be traced from one 90-degree aspect to the next. What begins at the conjunction carries through the sequence, and then is integrated and solidified at the end of the cycle.

Conjunctions, Squares, Oppositions: Helpful Stepping Stones

Perhaps our view of the 90-degree aspects from Jupiter to the Sun could be reframed — away from the concept of difficulty — and seen instead as part of necessary development that assists the completion and integration of learning in the process of gaining self-love. Using a modern astrology approach, I like to maintain a neutral view of the 90-degree aspects. Rather than attaching a negative connotation to the square and opposition, I simply think of contact.

I see many astrology students getting stuck on the hamster wheel of analysis as they spend too much time trying to dissect exactly what the specific aspect means. I don’t place a positive or negative equivalent on the squares or oppositions. I simply appreciate the fact that these forceful aspects manifest through dynamic action that carries a powerful punch. I don’t find anything helpful in projecting that a square or opposition will produce difficulty. This type of thinking invites us to expect problems.

I prefer to use the term "developmental tension" to describe the type of action that flows through the 90-degree aspects. Squares and oppositions are designed to help us make necessary course corrections, by providing pressure that motivates and encourages us to take action, in order to stay on track. Just as it requires contractions in the womb in order to birth a baby, it is tension that triggers movement forward.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t included anything about Jupiter trines or sextiles. This is because I find that these two main "flowing" aspects tend not to have enough force to make anything significant happen. The gentle energy from trines and sextiles can easily pass by our awareness, unnoticed, because they lack the emphatic statement that the conjunction, square, and opposition bring. The fourth-harmonic aspects are loud and tend to demand our attention.

I focus on the aspects that produce powerful movement, and I view them with neutrality. I feel that we need the more forceful push from these 90-degree aspects in order for deep growth to be triggered. The squares and oppositions from Jupiter to the Sun are supportive and helpful to our growth.

Jupiter, the Elixir of Luck

"When it comes to luck — you make your own."
— Bruce Springsteen

Jupiter is traditionally known as the Greater Benefic, and transits from the giant planet are typically associated with luck and reward manifesting in life. Lately it seems we are trained to believe that a special portal of auspicious energy opens up, and that we are entitled to have everything work out easily in life during these transits.

The orientation that Jupiter = Luck is heavily promoted in the social media– driven astrological world, and there are many clever tag lines commonly associated with Jupiter’s contact to the Sun.

Jupiter offers supportive enthusiasm that helps us to face doubt or fear that may hold us back from the adventure of a new experience.

The phrase "luckiest day of the year" is often assigned to this transit, and while the use of this popular catch phrase may be a savvy marketing move, it also creates an unrealistic expectation that a lucky break is guaranteed.

Using sensational statements to market astrology will always draw enormous attention, and Jupiter is an easy sell because its reputation is associated with fortunate energy. With this focus, many are lured into the anticipation that a wonderful prize is offered with Jupiter transits, and little to no work or effort is required.

Predicting and promoting the concept of good luck and great fortune may be among the most profitable ways to hype astrology. It is much simpler to feed a hungry audience with the "events" that may happen in life, rather than to focus on the potential for deeper inner development.

And this is the problem: The practice of using clever, catch-phrase marketing linking Jupiter and luck creates an unfortunate expectation that all one need do is wait for the blessings to drop out of the sky. In fact, many people who are avid followers of Sun-sign forecasts seem to have an impression that Jupiter transits have a near-magical effect.

I am reminded of the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the featured potion called Felix Felicis, or "Liquid Luck." This special potion makes the person who drinks it lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful. In J. K. Rowling’s popular story, Harry won a vial of this magic elixir and used it to create a perfect pathway to obtain information that he desperately needed. Sounds great, right? Wouldn’t it be delightful if we could bottle Jupiter’s luck and then just take a little sip and be guaranteed good fortune?

It would indeed be wonderful if Jupiter transits always had this magic-potion effect, but in reality, that’s simply not the case. This starry-eyed concept of good fortune being brought on entirely by planetary contact, rather than through one’s own actions, is alluring and seductive. But it removes our sense of responsibility for having a hand in creating our own reality, and gives our power to the planets instead.

I continue to promote the belief that "Planets don’t do things — people do!" In my professional life as an astrologer for 35 years, I have done many thousands of client consultations, and indeed have learned of some wonderfully lucky events that have manifested perfectly in sync with Jupiter transits. I always look forward to hearing these happy stories.

However, there are an equal number of client examples in my files where, instead, there was a necessary — perhaps deeply challenging — course correction in life that presented itself in no uncertain terms. There have also been many people who contacted me soon after their "luckiest day of the year," super-frustrated and complaining that nothing had changed in their life at all. Hopes dashed, they wonder what went wrong.

The planetary energy during any transit offers a frequency that we can tap into and utilize strategically, but we need to participate in making things happen. Jupiter transits simply do not guarantee luck without our involvement and personal commitment for expansion.

Reward Requires Effort: Saturn/Jupiter Reflections

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."
— Thomas Jefferson

There is something profound about the fact that, if you invert the Jupiter glyph, you see the symbol for Saturn; in this, we see the principle of effort and reward working together. The potential for opportunity and luck showing up in life when Jupiter is transiting your Sun requires discipline, preparation, and planning in advance. The Saturn energy must already be integrated and embraced on some level in order to receive the benefic reward that is possible from Jupiter.

We need to commit to our own "good" and to have done the work and taken the action steps necessary to build a solid foundation in order to create a pathway for blessings and luck to manifest. My favorite saying in this regard is, "If you do the Saturn work, you will earn the Jupiter reward!"

This is why the super-simplistic statement linking Jupiter to automatic "Luck" and the expectation of blessings presents only a superficial kind of astrology. There is no guarantee that what will unfold during a Jupiter–Sun transit will be easy or flowing or will convey providential kismet.

Free Will

Free will plays a big role in how a transit cycle will be experienced. With any Jupiter contact, there can be overexpansion, too much generosity, and excessive investment that may exceed good judgment. I have worked with quite a few clients who declared bankruptcy during a Jupiter–Sun transit because of an overzealous embrace of a dream that was too big to sustain.

For some people who are wired for high risk — and who have an innate love for the thrill of competition and achievement — a Jupiter transit is more likely to be enthusiastically embraced and acted upon in a big way. The special heightened optimism offered during this cycle can help the extrovert to feel nearly invincible and to potentially expand too far.

When the natal Sun is in an angular house, the door to public exposure seems to open more easily, allowing expansion to manifest boldly and more visibly. The outward growth seems to be turbo-charged if the Sun is conjunct an angle in the natal chart. Jupiter transiting an angular Sun can easily amplify and accelerate the dynamic, extroverted energy inherent with that position.

If all the angles in the horoscope are in the same modality as the Sun, then each time Jupiter aspects them by quadrature, a powerful ripple of growth activation moves through the horoscope. In charts where there are multiple planets or angles activated close to the same time, there can be a monumental sweep of development available when Jupiter makes contact.

Certainly the more extroverted and powerful ego personalities might respond with more passion and flair when their Sun receives the expansion vibes from Jupiter, compared to the more reserved, introverted, and shy types. However, at any time, with all personalities, we can exercise free will that allows us to determine how we will manage the growth vibes.

It’s also important to consider that for those who have a deeply injured sense of self-worth — or who may have a long-standing pattern of anxiety, fear, insecurity, or self-doubt — the expansive push from Jupiter may be viewed with deep caution and even apprehension. In cases where there are unresolved emotional issues from a traumatic childhood, there may be long-term defense mechanisms deeply ingrained, designed to avoid the risk of personal growth at all costs. Jupiter may beam expansion signals that just are not acted upon by the traumatized person, because underachievement and the status quo seem like the safer path.

Squares and oppositions are designed to help us make necessary course corrections, by providing pressure that motivates and encourages us to take action.

There is no way to absolutely predict how someone will utilize a transit cycle, because they have the right to choose how they will live their chart! There are many things to consider, and it remains our Divine birthright to choose when we are ready to grow.

Life is a series of decisions, and even doing nothing has an impact. In every moment, we are offered free will to hang onto old negative emotions and continue with long-held limiting habits — or we can instead make a powerful and transformational magnificent leap forward.

Jupiter Transits and Lightning Bolts

It’s valuable to remember that sometimes Jupiter uses a lightning bolt as a powerful stimulus. There are occasions when a dynamic jolt of electricity needs to be experienced in order to help get life back on track. Let me illustrate this with a client example: I did a consultation in 2014 for "Pete," who has the Sun in Leo in the 10th house. That year, Jupiter was in Leo, and on the exact day it made the one and only conjunction with Pete’s Sun, he was fired from his very lucrative job. It was a total surprise that dramatically rattled his cage! Ironically, Pete was freed from what could have been called "his cage" by this startling experience.

Pete called me for a consultation just a few days after he was let go. The first question I asked was if he had been happy in the job, and his answer was exactly what I suspected: He revealed that he had been feeling stagnant and bored for a long time and dreaded going to work each day. I asked him if he had been working at that job for 12 years, suspecting that he had begun the job when Jupiter had last conjoined his Sun. The answer was "yes." This is a classic example of a cycle completion, followed by the press to begin something new.

Pete’s higher self had been giving him a persistent message that he was off-track, that he was ready for a new experience. But quite often, people with fixed Sun signs need more than a gentle push in order to embrace change, and Pete had a heavy dose of this modality in his chart. The strength of the fixed mode is "staying the course," and sometimes the pronounced perseverance can stubbornly resist a new direction. So, Jupiter helped Pete out of his comfort zone by hurling a lightning bolt designed to help him get moving in the right direction and achieve a release from his stagnant routine — freedom from his cage.

Fascinatingly, as I tracked Pete’s history with prior Jupiter transits to his Sun, I learned that, in the past, he had advanced in career with every fourth-harmonic contact. Every three years or so, his hard work had been rewarded with a promotion or a big raise. There had been a long-term positive track record for flowing success each time Jupiter offered expansion energy.

Pete was nearing age 60 in 2014, so his mindset was moving more toward security, rather than embracing the hard-driving ambition that we often feel in our 30s and 40s. Even though my client had not been happy in his position, he was hesitant to start a new job search at that age.

In the end, experiencing the job loss exactly in sync with the Jupiter– Sun conjunction did spark a fortuitous outcome. Pete used the accumulated skill and experience from his work and started his own business in the same industry. He now has a thriving company and is not only successful, but also happy and feeling good — thanks to Jupiter’s lightning bolt!

Although, at first glance, this experience might not be considered "lucky" or the "good fortune" associated with Jupiter, Pete found his happy conclusion because he made a choice to respond to the signals to move forward. Obviously, he needed a push in order to get going, but the point is that he didn’t spiral down into prolonged depression or embrace the victim mentality. Rather, he processed the shock, naturally, and then got back to work. At any moment, he could have succumbed to giving up and stepping into a pattern of negativity, but he didn’t! The abrupt loss of his job didn’t stop him from risking ego energy — the energy associated with the Sun — once more, and this paid off.

The Jupiter Journal

Creating a Jupiter Journal is a great exercise for illuminating milestones in the course of your personal development. You achieve this by going back in time and listing the months and year(s) when the conjunction with your Sun took place — and then tracing the development that continued through the squares and opposition. Depending on your age, you can log more than one 12-year cycle.

Look in the ephemeris to find the year(s) that Jupiter was transiting in your Sun sign, and write down the month(s) when there was contact. Some years, you may receive only one exact hit to your Sun, and the expansive boost will happen in one big blast. Other times, there may be three exact hits as Jupiter goes forward, retrogrades, and then moves forward again. When there is contact on three occasions, the push for growth will be in effect for about nine months.

Many times, it’s easiest to think first in terms of the events that took place during the time frames you list. Begin with that thought: Go back in your life and record "what happened," particularly at the conjunction. I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time on the detail. Avoid trying to match up precise dates when something happened with the exact time of the aspect — rather, you’re seeking the general time frame.

Pay attention to when there was just one hit for that phase of the Jupiter transit, compared to the times when there were three hits from the direct, retrograde, direct activation. You want to be able to acknowledge that sometimes the one-hit cycle marks a particularly powerful time for awareness.

Next, examine and recall how you were viewing yourself at the conjunction, remembering that this is when a new cycle of inner awareness is initiated. Once you recall any events that manifested, spend time reviewing why you made the decisions that caused the event or changes to occur. What motivated your actions?

I have a special spiritual teacher who says, "Always look at life with WHYs eyes." As you carefully review the past Jupiter conjunction(s) with your Sun, meditate on why you made changes in your life. Try to remember how you participated in improvements to your self-esteem and identity. In what way did you expand? Where was your purposeful achievement focused at that time? How did you respond to the expansion vibes?

If this very important step of remembering and giving significance to the personal growth isn’t done, then we begin to slide toward the slippery slope of only equating "events" with astrological transits. Remember, the outer events that take place during a transit cycle are the synchronous external manifestation of inner changes.

Consider in which house your natal Sun is located. Consider also the house that has Leo on the cusp, for that’s where there will be both psychological and physical development. Recall my example with Pete: His Sun was in the 10th house — and he had Leo on his Midheaven. It’s no wonder that whenever Jupiter made contact, he had career expansion.

Begin with the conjunction and then move forward in time to note the months and years of the opening square, the opposition, and the closing square. You will find that these aspects are made approximately every three years. Take time to see and feel how the actions and decisions that started at the conjunction were then incrementally advanced with each fourth-harmonic contact.

It’s common to find that certain parts of the Jupiter–Sun cycles may have been oriented toward quiet and reflective inner healing and growth that never manifested as a measureable specific event. Sometimes this is related to the particular sign and house that Jupiter was in as it made aspect to the Sun.

What a shame it would be to place value only on what we can measure in the outer world! The life-purpose significance lies in the synergistic relationship between the inner and outer dimensions. The auspicious energy to advance self-worth and unconditional approval is the true gift from Jupiter, and it must be appreciated and valued as a holistic experience.

Patterns Revealed

I mentioned earlier that I was filled with a light, uplifting attitude as I began to write this article. I hadn’t considered my Jupiter Journal for some time — for many years, in fact (sometimes our busy life gets in the way). So, as I began to feel the inspirational lift in energy from Jupiter entering my Sun sign, I realized that it was time for a review.

Amazingly — with beautiful perfection in December 1982, when Jupiter was conjunct my Sun — I made my decision to become a full-time consulting astrologer. I was only 24 at the time, and I boldly made the leap of faith, jumping into self-employment with no savings and no safety net. It took raw courage and gutsy confidence, and with each step Jupiter supported me.

I remember the profound feeling that I was getting my life on track when I started my astrology practice. Leaving behind a guaranteed paycheck was indeed scary but also perfectly in sync with my life purpose. I began an important new level of believing in myself at that key cycle, using Jupiter’s energy to nurture my growth along this new path.

Every single Jupiter hit to my Sun has produced a new stage of development for my growth and self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of what my soul needs to learn in this lifetime. I was married during the Jupiter opposition in 1989 and had my first baby with the next Jupiter square in 1991.

My next Jupiter cycle began with my second baby during the conjunction in 1994. The cycle from 1994 to 2006 was spent growing through the trials of motherhood and family. I still saw clients, but career was definitely on the back burner as I devoted myself to my children. However, my drive to achieve kicked in during the opposition in 2000, and I enthusiastically started my martial arts training.

Perfectly in alignment with Jupiter’s closing square, I earned my black belt in 2003. Jupiter fueled my intense love of athletic energy, and I trained full throttle for those three years. Looking back, I can now see that the passion I had for martial arts opened the door for me to manifest the shadow side of Jupiter: I trained excessively and had to have shoulder surgery as I was working toward my second-degree black belt. The surgery got me back on track with astrology as my primary career focus. (I didn’t know it then, but the damage I did at that time from the intense high-impact, full-contact training led to the need for a later hip replacement. The problem with my hip became acute in 2015 with the closing square from Jupiter.)

In 2006, at the next Jupiter–Sun conjunction, I began my studies with Noel Tyl, and like clockwork what I learned from him has triggered career growth. I graduated with highest honors from his course in 2009, with Jupiter square my Sun. In 2012, with Jupiter opposite my Sun, my husband and I produced and released the set of Tyl MasterWork DVDs that have been sold to astrologers in all corners of the world. I also was promoted to Noel’s Teaching Associate in his Master’s Course that year.

In 2015, with the closing square, Noel significantly increased my teaching opportunities, and I began to do the organizational and administrative duties for the big annual Student Seminar.

Now, in 2018, I am beginning a new cycle with Jupiter heading to conjoin my Sun — and a new wave of purposeful growth begins.

The Full View

We know that taking just one planetary cycle and examining our expansion and the related events that manifest doesn’t yield the entire picture. The biggest changes take place in rhythm with clusters of overlapping solar arcs and transits working together.

The 12-year Jupiter–Sun cycle is just one visible feature of the full view. Certainly if your Jupiter–Sun transit happened at the same time when Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, or Saturn was making meaningful contact in your chart, you would take that into consideration when you create your Jupiter Journal. However, there is still enormous value in understanding how we have responded to Jupiter in the past and also in being able to project forward, to see when future expansion waves are suggested in our soul development.

The principle of increase applied to our natal Sun excites a deep and special cycle — a period of advancement related to our sense of inner power and self-improvement — infused with the wonderful frequency of cheerful optimism. We need to remember what Jupiter is really expanding when it contacts the Sun: our sense of self.

It seems to me that the most important thing to learn from this powerful and promising self-expansion transit is to cooperate with the process of believing and achieving. Believing in yourself. And achieving the expansion of self-confidence, acceptance, and love offered by the conjunction of the giant planet and the star that is its partner in this amazing dynamic. That is the true good fortune of this configuration. That is the ultimate reward.


1. James Brown was born on May 3, 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina. His birth data are rated C, but the uncertainty about his birth time does not affect the Sun placement.

According to http://www.songfacts.com, "This song [‘I Got You (I Feel Good)’] has a very convoluted release history. Brown recorded it in September 1964 and leased it, along with some of his other songs, to Smash Records, who planned to release it as a single but couldn’t because Brown’s label, King Records, filed a lawsuit. In October 1964, a judge ruled that Smash Records would be allowed to issue only instrumental recordings by Brown, and all masters of vocals by JB would become property of King Records. The song was pulled, but Brown had already been promoting it: he played it on the road (335 nights a year) and performed it on The T.A.M.I. Show and Shindig, as well as a movie called Ski Party."

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Kathy Rose is an astrologer with an international clientele. She is a Highest Honors Graduate of Noel Tyl’s Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology and serves as Tyl’s Teaching Associate. Kathy is also the producer and publisher of the 9-part Tyl MasterWork DVD series, and has developed an appreciative audience with her popular YouTube channel (roseastrology), featuring more than 200 videos. To contact her, telephone: (757) 340-5516; e-mail: roseastrology@yahoo.com; or visit her website: http://roseastrology.com

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