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I have enjoyed a successful astrology practice for over 20 years. I offer astrology sessions in person or long-distance by phone.

If you'd like to understand more about my philosophy, please read the article Why, When and How to Consult a Spiritual Intuitive.


The patterns of the planets at the moment of birth have an extraordinary correlation with the patterns in life development.

An astrological consultation can help you form a plan that can help you with your journey of evolution and growth, and maximize your success.


New Moon in Aries 2014

Here's Kathy Rose with the background you need to put your needs into focus.


Astrological Insights for April 2014
What life-enhancing practices does the astrology of April support? Find out in the latest forecast from Kathy Rose.


The Profound Power of Affirmations - Part 1
Affirmations work! And they can work for you - right now - at this very moment!! You can direct your thoughts and focus your energies to change your life. For more than 30 years, Kathy Rose has been teaching spiritual empowerment - sharing powerful procedures and transformational techniques to put your life on a more positive path. Now, Kathy invites you to enjoy Part One of her new video series - "The Profound Power of Affirmations", and start to take more confident control of your life's journey. Watch video.

Aura Cleansing
Are you bombarded by emotional debris and psychic pollution? Knowing how to cleanse and charge your aura is one of the more important spiritual skills! For years, clients have asked me to record the aura-cleansing meditation - finally, here it is, in a wonderful video produced by my husband.
Aura Meditation Part One - Introduction
Aura Meditation Part Two - Experience

Recent article published in the
Mountain Astrologer Magazine (Oct/Nov 2011)

"Embracing the Adventure of a Uranus Cycle"
Have you ever experienced a small electric shock, giving you that sharp jolt of energy that causes you to jump? No doubt you have. You know how it energizes your senses and snaps your attention fully into the moment, so that you're completely aware and alert. That sudden, shocking surprise triggers a sensorial rush, while your adrenaline surges because of the zap coming out of the blue. Read full essay...

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Activate Your Intuition DVD Set

Activate Your Intuition

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